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An OffTheEdge Groodle Puppy comes with the following:

  • Pedigree, Veterinarian vaccination & certificate of de-sexing
  • Mother’s & Father’s DNA Health tests (if wanted)
  • Parents elbow and hip Dysplasia tested/scored (if wanted)
  • Lifetime health guarantee for tested DNA diseases. See example Here
  • Temperament assessment to best puppies and families
  • Socialisation and basic house-training
  • Puppy information and care pack, Lifetime support and re-homing service

The OffTheEdge
Groodle Guarantee

FIVE (5) DAY OffTheEdge Groodle GENERAL GUARANTEE ON ARRIVAL OffTheEdge Groodles guarantees the puppy will arrive current on vaccinations and de-worming appropriate to age. Puppy will have microchip implanted and all necessary paper work will be provided.

OffTheEdge Groodles reserves the right to cancel a purchase and refund deposit at any time prior to Purchaser taking possession of the puppy if it becomes apparent that Purchaser will not be able to provide a quality home as determined by OffTheEdge Groodles at its sole discretion.

OffTheEdge Groodles guarantees that your puppy will be delivered to you in good health. We require that you have your puppy examined by a veterinarian within FIVE (5) days of receipt of puppy. Purchaser’s failure to have puppy examined within this period shall render the Initial Examination Health Guarantee portion of this contract void.

Should puppy be found by a veterinarian to have a health issue during initial exam, Purchaser has the option to return the puppy for a full refund of the purchase price OR to have OffTheEdge Groodles reimburse Purchaser for proven veterinary expenses to correct the problem up to the purchase price of the puppy. This is to be done at either a Veterinarian clinic of OffTheEdge’s choosing or pre-approval.

The Breeder must be informed of any sign of illness in the puppy as soon as it occurs and will not provide reimbursement for expenses incurred without OffTheEdge Groodles prior approval.

The examination cost is the responsibility of the Purchaser. A written proof of examination from the veterinarian describing the condition and recommended treated, is to be supplied to OffTheEdge Groodles. Any request for full refund or veterinary expense reimbursement must be made within the 5 DAY period allotted. OffTheEdge Groodles may require the puppy to be taken to a Veterinarian of our choice for treatment. This is at the discretion of OffTheEdge Groodles.

OffTheEdge Labradoodles will not reimburse for fleas or ticks that the puppy could acquire after it leaves OffTheEdge Groodles.

OTE Groodle Purchaser

A puppy’s immunity is not strong enough to be exposed to potentially deadly viruses (such as parvovirus) before the puppy vaccinations are complete. During the time between receiving your puppy and the completion of puppy vaccinations (approximate age of 16 weeks), it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to keep the puppy away from public places including, but not limited to, pet stores, puppy school, Doodle Romps, parks, etc.

Puppy will have received vaccinations appropriate to its age before transfer of ownership which is typically around 8 weeks. OffTheEdge Groodles will vaccinate the puppy at 6 weeks of age. In addition to the initial examination, Purchaser must ensure that puppy also receives a second and third immunization at 12 weeks and 16 weeks of age and annual immunizations thereafter.

Purchaser is responsible to care for the dog as a companion pet with quality food, exercise, indoor living quarters, reliable fence, and regular veterinarian care.

Purchaser is responsible to keep the dog fit and not allow the dog to become overweight, as this will contribute to hip Dysplasia and other health issues. The puppy should not participate in strenuous or repetitive jumping exercise (such as Frisbee jumping) in the first year of its life as such activity can be detrimental to bone development will contribute to hip Dysplasia.

Purchaser is responsible for properly training and socialising their puppy. This includes teaching the puppy obedience and manners (no nipping, chewing, barking etc). Should Purchaser have difficulties training their puppy, they agree to make use of a certified, professional trainer to assist them. OffTheEdge Labradoodles is not responsible for the behaviour of the puppy while in care of the new owner.

Lifetime Groodle

The puppy you are purchasing is from health tested parents. OffTheEdge Groodles is absolutely committed to pursuing genetic soundness in our Labradoodles.

OffTheEdge Groodles provides a Guarantee for the life of the Labradoodle against any serious genetic disorder that affects the dog’s quality of life or expected lifespan, as per the DNA tests done on the parents. Should a genetic disorder be discovered that relates to one of the genetic disorders that the parents are tested for, then OffTheEdge Groodles will reimburse Purchaser the veterinary costs up to the purchase price of the dog OR provide a replacement puppy to Purchaser at no cost from a similar litter type and from a first litter with availability. We reserve the right to have a veterinarian of our choice confirm the results before a replacement or refund is provided. OffTheEdge Groodles does not require the return of your canine companion, however if you wish to return it, we will take it back, and transportation will be at your cost.

In the case of Hip Dysplasia (HD), Purchaser must provide documentation from an independent qualified radiologist, proving the dog will suffer from the genetic problem. OffTheEdge Groodles may require the puppy to be taken to a Veterinarian of our choice for examination and/or treatment. This is at the discretion of OffTheEdge Groodles. The guarantee against HD will be terminated should the dog be allowed to become overweight (through vet records) or if X-Rays indicate physical trauma that caused or contributed to the issue.

For problems not relating to HD, two independent veterinary examinations and reviews (at Purchasers costs) must be provided to OffTheEdge Groodles documenting the genetic health issue. Reimbursement of veterinary fees will be provided to Purchaser once copies of the medical reports are received by Breeder. Reports must state the treatments provided, and fees for the treatments. A diagnosis of progressive retinal atrophy requires the report of a certified veterinary ophthalmologist.


Re-homing is defined as the necessity to find a new permanent residence and caring owner(s) for the dog because the original Purchaser cannot continue to offer the dog a safe and permanent home.

We strongly urge that you contact OffTheEdge Groodles should it ever become necessary to re-home this dog. OffTheEdge Groodles will either assist in re-homing the dog, or has the option of taking the dog back. If OffTheEdge Groodles takes the dog back and resells the dog, the customer would be reimbursed for whatever amount OffTheEdge Groodles can recover for the dog (there is not a set amount) minus the non refundable $500 retainer & the fees to care for the dog while back in OffTheEdge Groodles  care (food, grooming, shots, training etc). Under no circumstances will a refund be made because a dog did not fall within a size category or coat type or colour. Size and coat cannot be guaranteed. Although all attempts are made to accommodate your ‘cosmetic’ request, health and temperament are primary. Purchaser agrees to never relinquish the dog to an animal shelter, rescue organization .

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