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Groodle Care

Be prepared forpuppy to become a little stressed while it settles down in its new environment.

It is away from its siblings for the first time and will need very gentle uninterrupted sleep periods, for up to 80% of the day. If puppies do not get enough sleep, they get stressed.

To avoid jealousy if you have another older animal, you should feed and sleep them apart, give your older pet more attention than normal and introduce them slowly.


Sleeping. Housebreaking. Playing

There are a number of different types of beds you can get, washable, flea proof, insulated etc. The first few nights your puppy's bed should be kept right next to one of the family's beds, because puppies who are locked away by themselves can fret, stress severely and whine.

If your puppy does wake up during the night, a comforting rub is usually enough to get them back to sleep. You can always move puppy out to another room after a few days, once they are used to their new surroundings. A heat pad/water bottle will make that first couple of nights easier. A companion fluffy toy in bed at night helps avoid separation stress.

All puppies are different and react in different ways to new experiences. Vinyl toys, latex toys, ropes, bones are all excellent for keeping puppy entertained. The more toys the better. We also use empty plastic bottles and containers, it gives them hours of fun. You will still need to remove shoes, electrical wires, poisons (rat poisons, snail baits) etc. from enquiring noses.

Bones are great for teething puppies, as they clean and help puppies teeth fall out. You should actively encourage your puppy to chew on them. We have never seen a puppy refusing a bone! Make sure they are large with no pointed pieces or jagged sharp edges.

House Training

House Training Requires vigilance and persistence on your part. Develop a routine. You can restrict where puppy can get to while he is being potty trained (you can use a pen or baby gates) Take puppy outside to the same spot every time they wake up, after every meal, if they get excited, if you are expecting guests, and anytime they are sniffing around. Do it every hour or so to start with and gradually increase the time between outside visits.

Do not play with puppy when you are outside for ‘toileting’. Praise puppy copiously when he has ‘performed’ and return inside immediately.

Leaving Your Puppy At Home

Leaving your Puppy Home Alone. Do not fuss over the puppy or stress out before you leave. Be casual and treat it as part of your daily routine. Put puppy where it will stay while you are out and provide them with somewhere warm and safe to sleep and fresh water.

Most people use the laundry or a crate at this early stage. Don’t make a fuss when you leave. Leave puppy for a short period first and gradually increase the length of time.

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